Friday, February 5, 2010




Popular Mumbai singer-presenter Shaan came to Bangladesh for the second time on Friday. Yesterday evening he over whelmed Dhaka’s song lovers at Dhaka China Friendship Conference Center. And previously on Friday he recorded two songs for two movies, one of Shohanur Rahman Shohan and other of Debashish. The summary of long chat with this Bangla spoken popular person has been presented here.

What is your feeling about Dhaka-Bangladesh?

In one sentence I feel good. I guess being a Bengali and speaking Bangla wholeheartedly is of highest state. Foreign or abroad there is not much opportunity to speak in Bangla like this. And speaking of Bangladesh I would say, I have been hearing about this country since childhood through my parents.

In Jessore my grandfather was an accountant of a land owner of that time. So family relationship with Jessore was for long time. Considering all these you can understand my feelings towards Bangladesh.

This is probably your second tour.

Yes, but I came here 5/6 years ago on personal invitation from BMW. In that way this is my first public tour. I can say that this is my first official tour of Bangladesh.

This time one of the top five from ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’ Manisha is with you.

Yes Manisha did come. She also sings amazingly. But with me my band members came. They are with me for 7/8 years. I kept the name of the band ‘The Groove’.

You said you have lots of family related feelings with Bangladesh. How is your idea about Bangladeshi music?

It is not supposed to be good. Because for last few years I only sang. Did not get the opportunity to listen at all. But that does not mean I know nothing about Bangladeshi music. For example I listened to lots of Bangladeshi folk music in both Hindi and Bangla. Besides your James, who sang in Hindi made quite a spark there. And before that I heard and listened to Runa Laila, Momtaz and Miles as a band.

Along with stage show you also sang playback for two movies to Shaokot Ali Emon’s tune.

I did. All of a sudden. Probably this is not the first time. Quite long time back I probably sang for one movie here, but cannot properly remember.

The difference between Mumbai playback and Bangladesh playback must be vast

No, I would not really say that. And it does not require to be said. But I felt good singing these two songs.

Can you remember of one or two popular Bangladeshi songs?

I even forget my own songs. You will notice it when I get up on stage. In the middle of my many songs I get by doing ‘La la la’. But I still remember 2-3 Bangladeshi songs well. Even the tune. Like ‘Bondhu tin din tor barit gelam’, ‘Dam Dam Mast Kalandar’, ‘Shadher Lau’ etc. I think all of them are by Runa Laila. Why not, I think of her as ambassador of Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Kolkata. What differences do you see?

Bangla is over there and also here. There is not much difference. However as far as I heard biriyani is tasty and sharee is beautiful over here.

As a Bengali you are ruling Mumbai. At the moment you are playback number one. With this you have the spark of a presenter. What do you say?

Actually there is nothing to say. You called me number one, I am happy and suppressed it. But the problem is in this era there is no such thing as number one, number two. It is not a big deal because becoming popular or number one is a matter of short time. Now there is a lack of good songs. And I have been presenting for last seven years. But I decided not to host a reality show anymore.


I have many regrets about this; because for some reason everything else is happening but I am not finding a perfect artist. I have promised people so much every year but see so far not a single artist could do much. In exchange of this people are entertained and we are buying houses and cars, that is it. Hence I do not find any reason to work for such a meaningless job.

Then are you against reality shows?

No, I would not say that. But sky high promises should not be given through these shows.

You also act.

I don’t. I have acted in one movie in my entire life. So while doing it I took my girlfriend to the spot. After returning from there she told me, I have only one demand from you, do not act anymore. Because I want to keep my head high in society. Instead continue with your music. I was quite shock to hear that. That means nothing is right about my acting. Since then that chapter is closed.

In the end are you going to say anything towards Bangladesh as in Dhaka?

I love Bangladesh. I want to come here again and again given an opportunity. Among the crowd of Hindi-English I want to have long chats in Bangla again and again. That’s all I hope for.