Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ferdous Wahid

Ferdous Wahid

Ferdous Wahid

Sunday was the Father’s day. Banglavision invited two top celebrities- Ferdous Wahid and Habib (his son) to the show Amar Ami. Munmun is the host of the show. Ferdous Wahid was talking about it.

Which topic was the prime topic of your discussions today?

Definitely the relationship between father and son. Previously the dads used to stay away from their sons, but now the situation is different. Now they can discuss about anything freely. Because of this a complicated task can be completed very easily

Since both of you are singers, you must have sung some songs too?

I sung Habib’s song in the show. Habib sand with me too. At our times we had all acousic musical instruments. And now its era of digital music. We have talked about the pros and cons of it. If you have noticed this, previously out of ten singers, almost 8 were around for a long time, but now it is hard to find even one or two.

When did you sing your popular song ‘Mamunia’?

The song is almost 35 years old. The song is still popular now as it was then. I really wanted to sing a song for the kids, Mohammad Nurul Huda was a magistrate then, he agreed to write a song like this. Mamunia is a word that was added by me. Lucky Akhand gaev the music. It took us only three days to make the song.

What about the song ‘Emon ekti ma de na’?

The song is about the same age, just six months different. We wanted to do something different from the mother songs back then. Dr. Nasir Ahmed Opu wrote the song keeping it in mind. His only request was that the song should sound modern. But here the term ‘ma’ denoted the country.