Friday, February 5, 2010


Rumana and Purnima

Rumana and Purnima

Rumana is now completely safe. First day success of her solo acted movie ‘Biyebari’ has freed her from danger. Although success of her first commercial film ‘Ek Takar Bou’ established her journey as movie actress. But still since Shabnur was in that movie many were excited to see Rumana’s success as solo actress.

But Shahin-Shumon directed ‘Biyebari’ ended all anxieties and doubts. Tremendous success as a single heroine opposite to Shakib Khan established Rumana in film industry and also Shakib Khan now has more heroines. Audience really accepted a beautiful and sensible glamour girl Rumana opposite to Shakib Khan.

Irritated to see Apu with Shakib Khan repeatedly, for audience Rumana was a fresh rain in the time of arid weather. Rumana is really happy with this success. This shining star of small screen was really tensed. She invited her own films’ producers, directors and reporters to dinner and asked for their blessing.

Rumana’s wish is fulfilled. First day success of ‘Biyebari’ created a solid base under Rumana’s feet. Now it is her turn to stand strongly. The movies that Rumana is busy with at the moment are- F.I. Manik’s ‘Chirodin Ami Tomar’, P.A. Kajol’s ‘Shami Shtrir Wada’, Shahadat Hossain Liton’s ‘Preme Porechi’, Rakibul Alam Rakib’s ‘Premik Purush’ and Zakir Hossain Raju’s ‘Bhalobhashlei Ghor Badha Hoina’.

‘Shami Shtrir Wada’ will be released on 20th July. This movie with Shabnur and Shakib is already talked about.