Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jotika Joti

Jotika Joti

Jotika Joti

Jotika Joti, a very promising actress, was talking about her future plan to get into commercial films.

Which of your dramas are airing now in the channels?

At present five dramas are airing in different channels. In Banglavision, Alvi Ahmed’s The Family and Mohan Khan’s Shomudro Jol. In ETV, Nurul Alam’s Atiker School, in Desh TV Abdullah Rna’s Kuashar Ondhokar and in ATN Bangla the drama Box.

What is your character in the drama Box? What response are you getting from audience?

In this serial, I am an NGO worker. I have different types of experiences while working for this drama. The character is excellent. I have learnt a lot while working for it and also getting a good response. I am really happy that I can work for it.

Which dramas are awaiting release?

Nuruul Alam Atik’s Ekti Kinley Ekti Free, Dipankar Deep’s Mayer Doya Poribohon, Noresh Bhuiyan’s Nij Shokhigon, Debashish Bor’s – Ja diper bhabi and MBBS.

You had acted in movies. Do you have any future thoughts on acting for silver screen?

I had acted in Tanvir Mokammel’s Rabeya and Onimesh Aich’s Shefali movie. I have a wish of acting in full commercial movies. I want to work for good movies. I do not want to work in such movies which are written about and applauded but the audience do not go to see them. I want to work in such movies where the audience will go to the movies to watch it, to experience it and also applaud for me.

Which talented producers have you worked with so far? Who do you like working with?

I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of talented producers but amongst them Animash Aich, Nurul Alam Atik, Morshedul Islam, Dipankar Dipon, Tanvir Mokammel and Akram bhai were the ones I loved working with. They have an edge over others in the way they work.

What is the competition in your profession?

There is plenty of competition in our profession and I get a way of measuring my ability through it all. Those who have quality are the ones who will survive in the end. Without being njealous it is best if they do their own works. If you have the quality then obviously you are going to get work.

Tell us about your new works?

Tarek Anam Khan’s Surjomukhi is one serial which I am working on now as well as Sadek Siddiky’s Shobai Toh Khushi Hotey Chae. Apart from this I am still in negotiation about some new works.