Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sex Video Scandal of Bangladeshi Hot Model Anika Kabir Shokh

Bangladeshi Model Anika Kabir Shokh scandal Video is available on internet. What is wrong with our media nowadays? After a short gap from the last scandal of Nadira Nasim Chaity and Bangladeshi Model Prova Scandal with Rajib a new scandal has spread through the internet and the scandal is of, none other than, the beautiful model/actress Anika Kabir Shokh.

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Yesterday, Anika Kabir Shokh’s sex video was posted in a popular bangla forum, this quickly became a hot cake for the people. The duration of the video is 2 minutes but, the quality of the clip isn't good enough. Though, Shokh’s face appears very clear in the video, but some people are saying that the girl in the video is much healthier than Shokh.So, some doubts still remain. But, the video looks a bit old, it maybe 2-3 years older. If it is, then everyone now knows that shokh was much healthier in past. You can watch her first TVC below to understand. It looks like her partner has captured the video, and the posted one was recorded by someone else from a computer screen.

The video has made a huge impact among the people, and its becoming the new talk of the town. But the question is, after Sadia Jahan Prova, Nadira Nasim Chaity and Anika Kabir Shokh, WHO WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF SCANDALS?

Shokh Profile:
Full Name: Anika Kabir Shokh.
Nick Name: Shokh.
Date of Birth: October 25

Anika Kabir Shokh, a model, actress & dancer!! She just finished her SSC in 2009 & currently doin a film. Also She has done some TV ads like-
URO lemon With RIAZ,
Banglalink Desh Mini
Tibbet Beauty Soap
Air Action Mentos
And now she is a brand model of NOKIA

Also she is the AMBASSADOR of exclusive fashion house VASAVI , MANTRA , BUTIQ house RANG , ABBORTON ,TEX MART.

Currently Acting in a Drama Serial FIFTY 50 ON BANGLA VISION , RANG aired on NTV , DIBA RATHRI KHOLA THAKE on bangla vison , mega serial FNFon NTV